Less than Noble

Are you ready for more of Orthane, Cora, and Menton. This time they are facing musket-wielding assassin armies. Flintlock Fantasy at a whole new level.

The sequel to More than Monsters is humming along. I have written 100 pages in three weeks. Another 25,000 words and I’ll be done the first draft. Total length  will be  320 pages

Here’s a preliminary blurb.

Chandolyn is a duchess with a sordid past. Eight years ago she helped murder her husband, but the gods found her innocent. Now, her late husband’s friends have lain a trap at their country estate.

LuckilRiou_LESS THAN NOBLE_ebooky, she brings heroes with her. Not-so-luckily, she has paired Cora and Orthane among her bodyguards. When those two met in More than Monsters, Orthane, a psychotic bully at his best moments, tried to kill Cora. She had to save him to save the quest. They’re fighting for their lives again. Orthane has not changed his wicked ways; Cora is determined to end them forever.

You’ve seen the frontier of Illag, now you can see how things get done in civilization. Nobles fight each other with intrigues and armies. Chandolyn, a seductive spy, and her bodyguards, magically charged warriors, are thrown into the middle of a revolution. They must fend off musket-wielding assassins led by an immortal warrior-mage, while picking the right side in the coming war.

If you think our world is saturated with medieval fantasy, if you’ve had it up to here (ears) with YA fantasy, try Flintlock Fantasy. Napoleonic armies, civilization in revolutionary upheaval, magic, and monsters. Lots of cussin’ and blood, too. Once you go black (powder), you’ll never go back.

If you’ve read this far…

…you have a chance to tell me how shitty my new book is going to be. It’s late July, now: by the third week of August, I’ll be passing around the third draft of Less than Noble as advance reader copies (ARCs to industry insiders). I have a whopping 2 beta readers; big time authors have five or six hundred. If you’re interested, email me at jasonriou@gmail.com. You might be the first to find out who dies.