Tough Jasper Hike

Sometimes you don’t get what you plan. Rarely does it turn out better than expected. but today it really did.

This started as another scouting mission. Pyramid Mountain. If you’ve ever been to Jasper or seen a picture of the town, you’ll know this mountain.




Here’s what the tracker say’s about it. Just about 3000 feet. 4 hours round trip. I’m in so-so shape (there’s an extra 30 pounds to haul up any hill) so I’m halfway proud.


This is the middle of May. A holiday weekend in Canada, so Jasper was busy. It’s also the first May Long in living memory where there hasn’t been rain or a blizzard. Nope. 25 Degrees C (77F)

Halfway up, the trail branches.  Left if you want the approach to Pyramid, right if you want to check out the Palisades Lookout. This is where I caught up to Claire from Luxumborg, this is also where we ran into snow. Wet, heavy, mushy snow. Good place to leave my bike — I’d been pushing it for 2 miles anyway.

Claire (apologies for mis-spelling, if necessary) was heading to the Lookout and I joined her.

The snow got deeper and deeper, and once we realized there was next to no snow in the trees, we started taking shortcuts, cutting off a series of switchbacks. Steep is easier than deep.

When the trees started thinning out, Pierce and Tallia (again with the spelling) from Edmonton caught up to us. They’d been following our fresh tracks in the snow. The four of us pushed on to the top. Here’s what we saw.








It was a great hike, and I met awesome people. If I had gone it alone, like I’d planned, I would have turned back as soon as I hit the snow. Since we winged it the last 600 feet of elevation, we didn’t hit the real lookout. I blame the snow, but we got spectacular views anyway.