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About the Author

My stories are infused with my own experience of adventure. After ejection from university, I worked for ten years doing seismic exploration in the wilderness of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. It is a rough job and a tough life. The industry is a revolving door of young men with something to prove and older men who have proven it. The switch from college student (math major, english minor) to surviving and thriving in this long, relentless pissing contest was the most life-changing education of my life. For a young man reared on fantasy, life in the bush was an opportunity to live in a world few get to see. The jobs were adventurous—jumping out of helicopters, blasting dynamite, hiking through every terrain in every season—and the culture was even more jarring. Factions and fistfights, drugs and alcohol, hedonism and withdrawal, psychopaths and students. Great fodder for gritty, immersive fantasy. Injecting that life into this fiction is my angle.

I currently service data collection and information technology on oil drilling rigs in Western Canada. Between that workload, and a young family, I have had to give up on TV and video games to pursue writing.


This is where I live. Or close. All these hikes are within 50 miles of home.

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