Peerage in Illag

Royal Line

King: Head of State. Referred to as your imperial magesty.
Crown Prince: Direct descendant of the king.    Princely highness

Grand Duke: A network of close supporters of the king. It is a title without feudal obligation. Follows a separate chain of command from the dukes of the noble line. Exalted highness
Prince: Brothers, Uncles, and male cousins of the King. Serene highness

Noble Line

Pentad: The highest noble office. There are seven pentads in Illag (though the limit is supposed to be five). Referred to as most honoured grace
Duke: Honourable grace
Earl: Grace
Baron: The lowest hereditary title, and the lowest available for purchase. High lord

Lower Nobility

Lord: Bestowed by the king or his council. Lord
Baronet: Bestowed by member of the royal line. Sir
Knight Bestowed by nobiblity. Sir

These offices may or may not be hereditary, depending on the decision of the king or his councillors. They may also be appended to someone of noble or royal line in recognition of service or to expand jurisdiction. Such is the case of Lord Earl Saporanintar.