The Major Gods

The gods brought over from Elgor in the settlement of the peninsula are considered the Elgoran pantheon. There are seven core deities represented by an associated part of the body. According to their mythology, these gods were heroes who killed the fickle god. Each survivor laid claim to a body part and ate it, taking a portion of the dead god’s power.


Head:  Istuom. Followers pursue wisdom and compassion.

Heart: Lera. Followers seek justice and equality for all.

Lingina: Groin. Passion.

Right Arm: Saga. This church preaches an ordered, law abiding life.

Left Arm. Feldid, also known as Fitch. Trickster god. The church gives sanctuary, aid, and council to thieves.

Right Leg: Cistriam. God of magic and the sea.

Left Leg: Sorach Veer. Warrior god of battles. Soldiers and wannabes perform his rituals.



Each faith has ordained membership who dedicate their lives to their principles and seek to teach it to others. Outside of the administrative structures of the church, a faithful follower can seek to become a Contemplar or an Exemplar to access their god’s holy powers.

A contemplar practices the god’s rituals for access to holy might and healing. They seek wisdom and insight.

An Exemplar gains holy abilities by practicing the gods rituals as an example for others. They lead by example.

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