Less than Noble

About This Book

Chandolyn is a seductive duchess with a sordid past. Eight years ago she helped murder her husband, but the gods found her innocent. Now, her late husband’s friends have lain a trap at their country estate.

The enemies have hired Sonorio Fontralis. He is an assassin, a master swordsman, a powerful mage, and he brought a ruthless mercenary army. All he needs in payment is Chandolyn’s blood.

Chandolyn walks straight into the trap, but the assassin wasn’t expecting her to bring magically enhanced sicarians.

Everything leads to a huge clash in a massive scale duel using cannons, muskets, and cavalry. The oppressed strike at the privileged in a regulated fight. The elite are hunting the duchess, so she throws her lot in with the downtrodden. The outcome of the battle will decide Chandolyn’s fate.

Click on the sample to meet Chandolyn, but be careful, she might seduce you.