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More than Monsters

The Sword that Forged a Man


About This Book

Cora can handle the orcs, it’s the heroes from the city that scare her. Their leader is a dangerous madman who couldn’t care less about getting the baron’s treasure back. He’d rather take Cora to the wilderness where no one can help her. The baron demands she guide these men. Can Cora survive the heroes and the orcs?

More Than Monsters is a flintlock fantasy that will introduce you to the Napoleonic-Style world of Illag. Muskets and cannons are not fired with flints or fuses, but by specially trained wizards. Peasant mages are enslaved to Arcanerants, machines that do the work of factories. Magic is everywhere, but it is dangerous. That’s why every mage had a minder. One spell too many will unleash a darkness that will bring everyone down.

War and Peace and Magic? Three Musketeers and a Wizard? No. This is a simple story of a young woman, frightened and alone, facing her worst nightmare.