The Military

Military Organization in Illag

Most nobles who are able to raise a corps of subjects for armed conflict follow the Danaotion model since the Horacks have held the throne. Dedicated teams (no single term is used across all areas) of thirty are the base unit of which all larger units are combined.


Section:  20 to 25 infantry and one sergeant. Leader is a corporal.

Company: 3 to 4 sections plus auxiliaries. Number from 90 to 120. Leader is a captain.

Batallion: 3 to 5 companies. May include a cavalry squadron. Leader is a major.

Regiment: at least two batallions with at least one company as reserve. Typically 1000 to 1400 troops. Commander is a colonel.

Brigade: the combination of multiple regiments. Will usually have auxiliary corps of engineers, cavalry regiments, etc. Typically around 4000 troops. Administered by a general staff. Commander is a brigadier general.

Army: the combination of multiple brigades. 8000+ troop strength. Leader is a general.


Specialist corps:

There are a dozen different types of wizardry used by the military. Here are some. Each corps comes with its own guard unit.

Peterscorps: wizards who use salt-peter based spells. They fire projectiles, siege and anti-personnel, over great distances.

‘Niters: wizards included in a line corps who provide the propulsive force for infantry held firearms (muskets). A first tier mage can power 5 shots for 4 muskets, a second tier — 7 for 10, a third — 25 for 30.

Brimscorps: Brimstone based spells. Fire.

Enhanced Engineers: assist in sapping (tunneling), construction, and logistics.

Banescorps: wizards able to poison, suffocate, or kill whole units from range. Outlawed in battles between Illaginamian nobles.


Pitched battle:

Neighbouring nobles may use set-piece battles to settle disputes. They agree to terms and location and fight a manly contest. In some places, these conflicts are waged as often as can be afforded. They happen very frequently in the interior of the country. Where Illag is bordered by wilderness, the military is used to keep back the monstrous hordes.