Strict division of the day into ‘hours’ and night into ‘watches’ is followed by the ordered churches. The official church is sanctioned to toll the beginning of the hours of Lauds, Sext and Diurnum. The length of the day changes the length of these hours. Magical colleges divide the hours equally throughout the year, based on twelve divisions on either side of the sun’s zenith.

Hours Mid-summer time in mage hours

Matins 5:00 AM
Lauds 6:00 AM
Prime 7:30 AM
Terce 9:00 AM
Sext Noon
Nones 3:00 PM
Diurnum 6:00 PM
Vespers 7:30 PM
Compline 10:00 PM

Night is divided into 3 watches, named first through third.

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