Less than Noble launch

riou_less-than-noble_fb1_1200x628-1Less than Noble is out, and I’m putting a little more publishing experience into its launch.  The price is low (for the launch weekend it’s free!) and I have asked a few friendly websites to display it.

If you’re on the fence about picking it up, here’s some insight into the book:
  • It is a combination of Flintlock and Fantasy.  Sharpe, Hornblower, Aubrey type stories that have magic and monsters. War and Peace and Magic.
  • King’s law controls the use of magic, including magical weapons, potions, healing, etc.
  • Powerful nobles have royal charters that allow them companies of heroic adventurers with unlimited use of magic. These are called Sicarian Charters
  • In Less than Noble, the Double Duchess, Chandolyn Vusson, hires sicarians as bodyguards for a visit to her enemy. She needs them.
  • Big battles. There are fights of all sizes in Less than Noble, but what sets this book apart is the clash of armies. Instead of a duel, nobles with a problem can call each other out in a set piece battle. They arrange their armies like a chess game and have at it.
  • Muskets, cannons, crossbows, cavalry, swords, armour, spells, healing potions, . You get it all and more with Less than Noble.